Innovative Therapy Clinics

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Our Outpatient  Clinic offers comprehensive  Therapy care.

Harvard Partners offers several Outpatient Therapy Clinics for direct access to patients. Here you or your loved ones can receive specialized one on one Physical and Occupational Therapy from our Expert Care Team.

Our Flagship Location is through a partnership with Aegis Living, with the facility being located  at 2200  E Madison St, Seattle WA  98112.

Here we offer the following services to Aegis residents:

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic Exercises,  (Codman Pendulum etc)

Self Care ADL’s and new stretching techniques

Manual Therapy, such as AAROM flexion

Therapeutic Activities, including sit to stand transfer

Neuromuscular Education, such as simple standing balance

Occupational Therapy

Transfer Training Exercises

Perceptual Motor Training

Sensory Treatment

ADL Training

Cognitive and Perceptual Skills Training


If you or your loved one require world-class home rehabilitation or care services, please contact us today.

Our exceptional staff will help you understand your options and the process to beginning care services. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns.