The Nursing Shortage in Washington State: Why Hiring the Right Medical Staff is More Important than Ever.

The United States, and Washington State in particular are facing a  looming Nursing Shortage that threatens to develop into a full-blown crisis.  According to a 2014 U.S Health Resources and Services Administration Report, Washington is projected to have a shortage of 7,000 Nurses by 2025. In the forecast it ranks #45 in severity with only 5 states being worse off.

This shortage has made it increasingly challenging for facilities to fill positions and shifts with active Nurses. With Federal and State rules dictating  minimum patient-to-staff ratios and requirements for the needed  number of active nursing personnel, many facilities are unable to grow their census and accept new patients, or are in danger of falling out of compliance all together.

For these reasons that more and more facilities are turning to Medical Direct Placement to supplement their hiring needs.  At Harvard Partners, we provide an avenue for professionals to find employment at facilities throughout Washington and California, along with our established staffing departments and multidisciplinary in-home care services. We work alongside your company to find the healthcare professionals best suited for your care teams.

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